Making math murals
Students at work on the mural from spring 2009.
I asked these questions, and came up with the mural project as a way to show students the connections between math and well, ...everything! Having the students involved from the beginning stages of design through the final touches gave them a sense of ownership and pride. Even those students who protested that they weren't comfortable with painting ended up deciding that they loved the final result and were proud of their contribution!!

I have included a few websites to help other teachers plan their own mural project. Each one will be unique and a wonderful addition to the classroom.

 BIG Ideas lesson plan for mural making   This website has a lesson outline for having students design and create a mural much like mine.
 Math in Mural painting   Another site with a pre-designed lesson focusing on the math involved in making murals.
 Art mural lessons   This site is actually for art lessons, but can be easily revised to fit any area.
 Western Hills HS math mural   School which participated in a mural program. The design process was very similar to the process we used.