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As a parent or guardian, you understand the important role you play in your child’s education. Evidence shows that, when parents and family members are involved in a child’s education, the outcome is positive: Higher test scores, increased attendance, better behavior and social skills, higher rate of graduation and increased drive to pursue post-secondary education. If you want to continue your involvement and learn more about Wisconsin Response to Intervention (RtI) and how you can help your child, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the basics:
  • Wisconsin’s RtI program is built on the foundation of national RtI programs that have been proven to work for students, based on scientific, research-based instruction.
  • RtI programs use frequent assessments to measure how well student are doing in the basic areas of reading, spelling, mathematics and/or written language.
  • Three times a year, school personnel review records of students’ performance on these assessments to determine which students may be at-risk or need additional challenges within their curriculum. This is called a “universal screening.”
  • If a student does not respond well to the adjustments in curriculum and is under-performing in academics, additional help will be provided on varying levels. These levels of additional instruction are called “interventions.”
  • Students who are selected to receive interventions are then continually assessed throughout the intervention time to determine if the change in curriculum is positive impacting their educational experience and academic performance. This is referred to as “progress monitoring.”

RtI is an educational system dedicated to providing structures that will increase success for ALL students. When appropriately implemented, with parents and families involved from the onset, RtI can truly impact the lives of our children. To learn more about RtI specifics, view the informational pages within this section.