School District of Prairie Farm


Welcome to the Panther Athletic Program!
Prairie Farm Athletic Mission Statement
Believe in ourselves and never settle for less than what we can achieve. With desire and determination each individual needs to take the first step, so WE can succeed. Through hard work and supporting each other with positive attitudes, we will be competitive and earn the respect of each other, our opponents, and our community.
Proud to be a Panther....Show your pride!
2016-17 Panther Athletic Director and Coaches
Athletic Director- Alethea Seeger
HS Football- Ron Hanestad and Dave Rassbach
MS Football- Don Larson
HS/MS Cross Country - Emma Bartz and Allie Thomley
Dance- Carmen Rudesill
HS Volleyball- Julie Kahl
MS Volleyball- Lori Bates 
HS Wrestling- 
MS Wrestling- 
HS Boys Basketball- 
HS Girls Basketball- Jill Miller, Lori Bates
MS Boys Basketball- 
MS Girls Basketball- 
HS Track- Wendy Dallmann, Ron Hanestad
MS Track- Tiffany Baldwin
Baseball- Joe Waite, Shaun Carr
Softball- Lori Boesl, Lori Bates