Code of Conduct


Prairie Farm, WI 54762



This activities code shall cover all students in grades 6-12 involved in interscholastic athletics/Co-Curricular activities as participants, cheerleaders, managers, or dance (Fall/Winter).

It is widely known and accepted that participating students represent their school and have more contact with other communities than any other part of the student body. Participation in an athletic or co-curricular program is voluntary and based on the student’s interest. A student is to regard participation as both a privilege and a responsibility.

It is the intent of this activities code to guide and inform the participating students of their responsibilities and privileges and to inform the participant of the consequences of code infractions. It is up to the individual participant, by intelligent choice, to become and remain eligible for participation.

The School District of Prairie Farm extends an equal educational opportunity to all students. It is the policy of the School District, pursuant to s.118.13. Wis. Stats., and PI9, that no person on the basis of sex race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability may be denied admission to school or be denied participation in any program.

Any concerns regarding possible discrimination should be referred to the district administrator for follow-up.

If there are questions dealing with eligibility requirements that the participant needs clarified, please see the coach/advisor of the sport involved, the athletic director, or building administrator. These people are qualified to answer such questions.