Library Club

Open House Info Sheet

Invitation to students interested in:

  • Designing and making bookmarks:
    • Acknowledge creativity of students/members/volunteers
    • Make our own bookmarks – We do not plan to purchase any.
  • Creating Book Displays
  • Designing Window Displays
  • Designing and Creating Artwork – to be displayed in the IMC
  • Suggesting material choices for the Library
  • Reading to someone (at school – class or individuals, nursing home, etc.)
  • Having someone read to you (help them improve their reading skills, comfort levels)
  • Share your love of reading – interests, hobbies, etc.
  • Promoting activities to include the Community
  • Suggesting book choices to others
  • Promoting activities -- designing posters, fliers, etc.
  • Scrapbooking school-related newspaper articles, etc.
  • Assisting with Summer School/Reading Program
  • Learning how the library operates -- steps in processing materials
  • Helping with library duties:  learn the layout of the library, shelving, keeping materials in order, etc.
  • Help to choose themes for displays
  • Organizing contests:
    • Curl Up and Read: Read books, picture of self/family
    • Bookmark design/coloring contests


  • Record Volunteer time on Volunteer Sign-up Sheet on the Circulation Desk
  • Attend meetings during Panther Time, additionally as needed
  • Volunteer during Panther Time and/or study time as available and approved by teachers (when Library staff are available to monitor)
  • Possibly utilizing high school Library Club members (Distance Education students assigned to IMC, Community Service participants, etc.) as monitors in the IMC as their course load allows:
    • To encourage students to log in on the sign-in sheet on circulation desk
    • To assist in checking out materials to students/staff
    • To help with shelving, etc., as time allows