Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Application Season for the 2018-19 School Year is February 5 - April 30

To complete open enrollment application, visit the Department of Public Instruction's website.

Open enrollment provides Wisconsin residents the opportunity to send their children to any school of their choosing if they:

  • Provide their own transportation to and from school (or to and from a stop on one of the regular bus routes)

  • Complete the online application a during the open enrollment period

The open-enrollment application period begins February 5th and ends on April 30. Applications can only be completed during that time.

Why would I want to open enroll to Prairie Farm Schools?

Prairie Farm schools boast one of the smallest student to teacher ratios in the area with highly qualified and committed staff, State testing scores and academic achievement rank very high, and a wide variety of academic and co-curricular experiences are available despite our small size. Because of our size and teacher qualifications, we can offer an experience tailored to each individual student’s needs. Our schools have an atmosphere of community which is derived from the amount of involvement we have, as well as our schools being the focal point of our area. The community support for our school district is likely unsurpassed in the state of Wisconsin.

For more information contact the Linda Stehling in the district office at 715-455-4235.