Special Education

The Prairie Farm School District's Special Education Department is dedicated to providing academic and behavioral supports to all students with varying special education needs. It is our goal to provide the services needed to break down barriers for students served by IEPs.

Special Education Staff:
Special Education Director: Jeni Fossum
Special Education Secretary: Linda Stehling

Jackie Alexander
Lori Bates
Micki Bowers
Melissa Briel
Lisa Davis
Carrie Klefstad
Paulette Keene
Crystal Nelson
Marilyn Shelton

Case Managers:
Katrina Chovan
Janell Kuehn
Melissa Nagel
Meghan Olson

Related Service Providers:
Cris Cantin - Audiologist
John Gyllen - School Psychologist
Christine Kessler - Occupational Therapist
Barb Nigon - Speech and Language Pathologist
Rachel Witta - Physical Therapy

Information, Resources and Links for Families with Students Served by IEPs:
Special Education in Plain Language
Special Education Procedural Safeguard

Notices for Families and Community Members
Notice of Special Education Scholarship Program
Annual Notice of Special Education Referral and Evaluation Process
Child Find Confidentiality Notice