Fitness Center

Use of the Fitness Training Facility

Access to the School District of Prairie Farm Fitness training facilities will be limited to individuals and/or staff and student groups who agree to abide by established guidelines.

Weight training facilities shall be used in a reasonable and responsible manner. No one may use weight training equipment except under appropriate supervision. When any lifting using the long bar takes place, a spotter must be present.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop such rules as appear to be necessary to provide for the proper use of weight training facilities and equipment. Such rules shall be distributed to users and/or posted.

Any person who fails to use the equipment in a responsible manner shall not be allowed to continue to use the weight training facilities or equipment.

Hours of Operation – 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Monday-Friday (priority given to students and athletes)

                                              5:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.  Saturday and Sunday

Participants: Must have membership agreement signed and adult supervision

Annual Fee: District families and open enrolled families -- $40.00 per year
                           Non-resident families -- $100.00 per year
                           $10.00 additional fob
                            $5.00 replacement fob
*Annual fee period is October 1-September 30.  Memberships purchased less than twelve months will be $4.00/month for residents and open enrolled families.
*Annual fee period is October 1-September 30.  Memberships purchased less than twelve months will be $9.00/month for non-resident families. 

Athletic Orientation: All members must go through orientation before being granted membership. Trainers assigned by Superintendent.

General Rules for Prairie Farm High School Fitness Room

  1. Nobody under the age of eighteen is allowed in the fitness room without a parent or guardian.
  1. Always wear proper safety gear for any lifts that put your body at risk. (Examples: squats, leg press, military press. etc.)
  1. Always wear clean shoes, NO STREET SHOES, when using equipment in the fitness room (no cleats of any kind allowed).
  1. Use spotters for lifts that present potential injury.
  1. All weight plates are to be unloaded off long bars before leaving the fitness room at the end of your workout session.
  1. Always wipe off cardio machines and benches after workout session.
  1. No running or horseplay in fitness room. All equipment is to be used in an appropriate manner.
  1. Know your limits with use of weight equipment.
  1. Use proper lifting and breathing technique for all lifts.
  1. The last person in fitness room be sure that all doors are securely locked.

Guidelines for Use of Fitness Training Facilities

District-wide use of the weight room is encouraged with the following considerations because of heavy usage:

Priority #1 Students and staff

Priority # 2 Paid Members

Priority # 3 Special events: special requests to Administrator