Student Services

Section 504

What is a Section 504 plan?

A section 504 plan is an accommodations plan for students with disabilities or health concerns that impact their education. The plan provides accommodations to eliminate barriers to a student’s education that may exist due to their health condition or disability.

What is the process?

There is a referral and evaluation process the 504 team complete to decide what should be included in the student’s accommodation plan. After creating the initial 504 plan the team will meet at least annually to discuss the successes and possible changes to the plan.

Homeless/Out of Home Care (Foster Care)

Students who are determined to be homeless or are placed in out of home care have rights afforded to them because of their living situation.

  • Students are allowed to continue to attend their school of origin (the school they attended prior to their change in residence).

  • The school district will help set up transportation to make sure the student can continue to attend.

  • Students will be provided with Title 1 support services if necessary.

  • Students will receive meals through the districts food service program at no cost.

English Learners

Students identified as English Learners will be provided appropriate support so that their language barrier does not impact their ability to access their education. Students identified as being an English Learner will also be assessed using the ACCESS test to determine the impact their language skills have on their ability to access different parts of their education.

Special Education

Information regarding the Prairie Farm Special Education program can be found at this link.

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