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The School District of Prairie Farm recognizes that delivery of educational options continues to evolve as society adapts to how individuals learn and as educational institutions promote delivery methods consistent with evolving communications technologies. We consider online instruction a means to enhance and/or expand current course offerings and provide an educational alternative better suited to the learning needs of some students.

Therefore, students enrolled in Prairie Farm Schools will have options relating to online (virtual) education. Some of these include (but are not limited to) support for existing face-to-face instruction, Prairie Farm Schools created online courses, and/or third party courses. Online courses may be taken as part of the regular schedule or as partial or full-time virtual education enrollment. Virtual education enrollment(s) shall follow district board policies regarding open enrollment, youth options, partial enrollment, and any others that may apply. Virtual education opportunities must align with the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards and/or national education standards. In addition, a virtual education course of study must comply with the district’s policies on acceptable use and content. Relative to high school graduation, a virtual course of study must comply with the district’s graduation requirements and receive pre-approval following virtual education participation guidelines.

The Board shall support the necessary technologies to provide online learning opportunities as outlined in the Board approved District Information and Technology Plan regarding student achievement options, professional development for teachers and staff, robust infrastructure and appropriate technologies, and information systems and leadership that supports instruction.
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