Cub Care Mission and Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

It is our mission to embrace families and provide a nurturing environment through loving, quality care that focuses on meeting the needs of the whole child. We believe all children are unique, and their younger years are the most crucial in their development. It is also our wish to help parents understand that we are there to help them and they are their child’s most important advocate throughout their life.

The philosophy of Prairie Farm Cub Care is the belief that children need a safe and nurturing environment that will enhance their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and development. Our goal is to provide meaningful learning experiences for children at their individual level of development. We accomplish this by providing children with the opportunity to participate in a variety of age appropriate, cross-curricular, hands-on activities, such as: dramatic play, music, art, science, language, literature, math, cooking, field trips, guest speakers, special events, computers, sensory, games and outside play. Each day consists of self-guided play, teacher-directed activities, and small and large group time.