There are a number of forms that are either required or that may be needed over the course of a season or school year. The following forms with their definitions are available by clicking on the links:

Athletic Participation/Physical Form - This is a two part form. The first portion of the form is required on a yearly basis and requires both parent and athlete signature. The bottom portion of the form is the physical form and is typically required every other year, but could vary depending on the date of the last physical.

Emergency Contact Card - To be filled out by the parent and given to the office so that it can be retained and used in the event of an emergency.

Transportation Waiver -To be used anytime a parent needs to transport their athlete home from an away contest and to be used only in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Driving Waivers - To be used by all athletes driving themselves to a practice facility. Click self-transportation-permission-form.pdf for those 18 years of age or older click driving-waiver-18-yrs-age-or-older.

Concussion Forms - Required yearly as mandated by the WIAA. There is an informational form for the parent, one for the athlete and an agreement form to be signed by both the parent and athlete and given to the office.

WIAA Physical Form - Click Here
WIAA Alternate Year Form - Click Here